On Page SEO: Techniques To Boost Your Rankings (2023 Updated)

Whenever a topic about On Page SEO comes all started sharing their knowledge about Subheading tag, keyword Density or Keyword Competition, or Meta Tag.
And I’m sure guys you also listen to all these things while you started doing SEO.
If you all are searching for the best guide on On-Page SEO, then your search comes to an end you guys are in a better place, and I must say you surely loved it.
So, Let’s Start Without Wasting any more time.

On Page SEO
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What is On Page SEO?

On Page SEO is the practice of optimizing web pages for the search engine to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic. On Page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a web page that can be optimized.

#1. Use SEO Friendly URL

The first thing you have to prefer is to make your URL user-friendly, in SEO terms if your URL is catchy and easily memorable it will impact on Search Engine too.
Always include a keyword in your URL, From Now on one Question Arise in your mind is what SEO Friendly URL?
How to get it? Is it easy to get?
Don’t worry guys I am giving an example also. To help you out.

  • Ugly URLs: blogrex.com/?p=123
  • SEO Friendly URLs: blogrex.com/on-page-seo

Ugly URL, not an issue, In SEO long URL, is also not useful, so keep your URL Short and straightforward.
As in my keyword refer to On-Page SEO, So I put only On-Page-Seo in my URL.

#2. Always Start Title With Keyword

A title is the most important factor in my concern, when we do searches on a search engine, the only fact comes in front of us are Title, Description, and URL.
In easy words, if you have a keyword in your title then your chances of ranking are also increasing rapidly.
I do a little research on google, I take on a keyword and searches on Google and start seeing the top 10 results!
All things look to me the same That post which is ranking on top uses a keyword in front of their title and others using it in their center.
After Clearing all this think You also came to know how’s this title factor important in ranking.

#3. Include Keyword In URL

Guys keep in mind Whenever you use a keyword in a URL, and It is targeted to that keyword only.

#4. Include Modifier In Your Title

Have you ever heard the word like best, offer, buy, cheap, free, or review?
People tend to use this kind of name in their searches while they searches, this keyword is known as a modifier.
After my research and analysis, this keyword is very useful in the title which also increases your click-through rate (CTR).

#5. Put Your Keyword In First Paragraph

Google always sees that your keyword is wherein starting of the post, it makes Google help about in which topic your post lies.
Most people don’t use a keyword in the starting.
Then they start doing the introduction then they start doing an off-topic talk.
But if you start making an article for your post always use a keyword in your starting paragraph of the post.
And also make a good habit to make it compulsory.

#6. Include Your Keyword In H1 Tag

Many CMS uses post title to their H1 tag…
Like WordPress And IF you are a WordPress user then no problem for you guys it will automatically give your title H1 tag and if using another, then make your H1 tag.
Listen? Always check Your CMS is having H1 tagging or not.

How Will It Be Checked?

On Page SEO - Inspect Element
Do any Post to your site or make a right-click on your old title and click on inspect element.

#7. Include Your Keyword In Sub Heading Tags

The subheading is also necessary for On-Page SEO for making a good On-Page SEO use H2 and H3 tagging here.
At least on tagging must be done on the subtitle.

#8. Include Your Keyword In Body Without Stuffing

Look guys all of you know about keyword stuffing if not then let me clear that (doing and making use of a keyword, again and again, know as keyword stuffing, and doing it is also not right for your article).
But when you write your story, It will come automatically, and it presents your keyword with some logic that will not harm your post.

#9. Use LSI Keywords

LSI stands for (Latent Semantic Indexing). This keyword is those keywords that are related to your keyword or a kind of synonyms.
You get LSI keyword at the bottom of Google searches / or you can say it as a Google suggestion.

#10. Use Responsive Design

Google started penalizing non-user friendly Design site in 2015.
Or in the future, it is also possible that Google did not entertain any non-user-friendly Designed site.
So if you want your site, not to penalized then always use a mobile user-friendly Design site.

#11. Use Outbound Links

If you know about outbound, link well. But for the newbies let make me clear, what is an outbound link?
Outbound refer to that link that will take you to the link where that particular topic resides.
This link will direct you to another page or website linking somewhere else.
You can also use an outbound link for your site to increase your preference in the search engine. It also helps in improving your credit to the search engine.
All should keep in mind that when you use an outbound link, it is targeted to the high authority site.
For example when your post is about how to train a dog then your outbound link sources to WikiHow to see a similar type of post.

#12. Use Internal Links

Internal linking is the most impressive thing I saw in SEO. You can use internal linking two to three times in your post.
Why use an internal link, it is to use because it will interconnect your other post means (relate your other post on the same article).
And it will help search engines to crawl your site easily and quickly understand your post.

#13. Boost Your Website Speed

Google makes a clear statement about Website speed. It stated that Website loading speed is an SEO ranking signal.
Means taking off a site also based on website speed.
Time is taken to load a page. You can boost your page speed with simple tips.

#14. Image Optimization

Make your post colorful using images. It will also help you to rank your website in search engines.
But always keep in mind that one picture is always related to your keyword which you are using in your post and also make a habit of doing it compulsory for you post, so to rank in search engine Quickly.
Also, put your keyword in the alt-Tag of the image.
We use alt tag because to make information about the post.
The picture is related to this post on your website.
Because the Search engine cannot see why you are using this image, An HTML-based page land in front of it and all processes start working.
So for proper ranking use a good alt tag to your image.

#15. Use Proper Spelling & Grammar

Always write a neat and clean article with proper grammar and spelling.
It will help you to increase your post readability, one more thing search engines also take about it too.
And if you do not use proper spelling and grammar.
For this, you can use any grammar chrome extension to make your post free from writing error.

#16. Post-Long Content

People you to write their post with little content, they though the small and efficient post can rank their site but let me clear this it is not right guys little content increase your bounce rate.
On Page SEO - Long Content
(bounce rate – the time is taken by the person to hit the back button) And the bounce rate is also an important factor in ranking.
To reduce the bounce rate and to increase your post engagement also prefer to write a long post.
This will also help you to decrease your bounce rate, And it will improve your ranking in a search engine. It also is known as (Dwell Time).

#17. High-Quality Content

High-Quality content is essential in the measure. You all heard the sentence “Content Is King” Whenever you post content that relates to high quality it becomes King.
More High Quality your content more will be your ranking in search engine.
High-quality content helps a lot in the ranking to search engines.
Make a note of it.
Google’s goals are to provide the best search result, So make your post better than another post on your topic to rank in Google.

#18. Use Social Sharing Buttons

What comes to your mind seeing the subtitle?
Yes, you all are right social sharing is not a ranking factor but it will help you to rank factor, whenever a person like your post they do share with other people which will help you to get much user engagement to your post, so I recommend all use a social button to your post.
It will give you a high-density social signal.

#19. Use Multimedia

One more important factor which the search engine uses to determine to rank is how many visitors are interacting with your content.
For that reason only it is also important to use multimedia in your post.
For example – You can create an interactive quiz and embed that quiz in your post. To get more user interaction you can use a different tool. But I suggest you use a tool like (Qzzr).
They are many ways to use multimedia, but I advise you to use audio, video, and social media widget.

Wrapping It Up

If I missed anything regarding On Page SEO.
Please feel free to give suggestions in the comment.
Whenever new updates start coming, I will regularly update this post.

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