About Us

Blogrex is a learning hub for SEO and Blogging. It aims to provide result-oriented and practical strategies for your internet marketing and content promotion goals.

It can help you learn SEO and Blogging in the quickest, simplest, and most effective ways.

Team BlogRex is currently being led by two passion-driven individuals. They are committed to taking you to the next level in SEO and Blogging.

They’ll ride you towards your success dreams no matter what niche you are targeting.

Waqas Ali

Waqas Ali (a.k.a Ali Haider) is the founder of Blogrex. He loves to do in-depth research in the Internet marketing niche to keep himself super updated.

He is committed to guiding you to take your SEO to the next level.

He provides the best practical and actionable strategies to drive more traffic.

Muhammad Usama Naveed

Usama is a Software Engineer by Profession.

He loves to optimize everything in his real life. That passion for optimization captivated him and led him to learn SEO.