YouTube SEO: 7 Powerful Secrets [Works GREAT in 2019]

Chapter #5

Channel Branding

Don’t create a YouTube Channel, create a Brand.

Well…! You may rank videos without  taking any type of care about developing a brand.

But to grow unlimited, you have to focus on developing a YouTube Brand.

And once again, there is no rocket science evolved.

All it takes is hard work, dedication and interest.

Hard work plays a vital role even if you have lack of interest in your selected niche or topic.

Let’s see a bit more in detail about how to do that?

1. Setup Your Content Focus

Have you ever noticed that brands put extreme focus on limited categories at a time.

They don’t deviate from their core selection and that’s what makes them successful.

Well there are multi-category brands as there are always some exceptions.

You can think of something like a clothing brand, as an example.

Same stands true for YouTube channels.

Content or niche focus is most important when we talk about developing a YouTube brand.

Work hard, do deep research and keep on making awesome videos on your topic.

2. Develop Fan Following

If you’ve concentrated on the first step, you will automatically develop a strong fan following.

You can also call YouTube Subscribers as your fans.

Keep your fans engaged and give them a value.

You can also do that easily by:

  • Developing topical relation with your fans
  • Responding them in comments
  • Accepting compliments and critics to improve the quality of your channel
  • Extending outstanding support with your videos

3. Brand Icon Recognition

So you’ve developed a brand without any identity?

It doesn’t even go that way.

Give it a name and then do following:

  • Get a unique and attractive logo
  • Use a profile picture on your channel
  • Use a channel art on your channel
  • Link your channel with your relevant blog and social media accounts

Hope you’ve got all the points about branding your channels.

This was extraordinary step to increase your channel’s trust in the eyes of YouTube.

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