YouTube SEO: 7 Powerful Secrets [Works GREAT in 2019]

Chapter #3

Create a Awesome Video

How do you describe a perfect video in your words?


According to me, if i may creatively define a Perfect Video for YouTube:

It is nothing more than a user engaging video with extreme relevancy.

I know there are a lots of other things like video quality, run-time and all that stuff.

But all these things are second priority and can be done like with a push button.

Hope you’ve understood how to go with your video making.

Now why do you need a perfect video?

I don’t think i still need to answer this question, but only for you guys…

Because “User Experience” is everything.

If your viewer is happy with your video content then trust me no one can stop you to be on 1st spot.

Use some Professional Effects and Visuals to increase the user Experience.

Let me show you one sample video.

Arvind Rana Video

Did you see that?

Not even close to boring video, in-fact effects were keeping you engaged.

Some technical parameters to evaluate a perfect video are as under:

  1. CTR
  2. Engagement
  3. Watch Time

Once you’ve started getting good signals from these parameters, trust me you’ll be very close to hit #01.

Let’s just dive into these to learn more interesting and extremely important things.

1. CTR

CTR is very straight forward parameter, but it also needs experiments to grow.

It is very directly dependent on these two things:

“Title Of Your Video” & “Thumbnail”

If you keep these things attractive, your CTR will rise.

You will know more about these in next sections of this guide.

2. Engagement

Engagement comes with user’s interest only.

Well if you believe that, you need to modify your thoughts from now on.

Engagement of a topic or even web content is very closely linked to “How you present it” & “Your content values”

By content values, i mean how valuable information you’ve embedded in your video.

If you can learn the trick to keep a user curious about every next minute of your video, you will get maximum possible engagement.

And its very simple indeed:

Just share the right information at its best time in your video.

While trying to keep your content engaging, make sure you provide your user the value of his time spent on your video.

Simply stating, a user should watch complete.

3. Watch Time

For how long a user watches your video, is it’s watch time.

A clear point is you need to increase this to improve ranking of the video.

Here is how you can do it:

Simply stating, create long videos.

Let me give you an example…

You and your competitor are working on same keyword.

You both post videos with somewhat same level of user engagement and video quality.

Your Video’s Length is 5 minutes and his Video’s Length is 10 minutes.

Then his watch time will b 4X more than your’s and his ranking will also improve.

Because Watch time is the most important ranking factor in YouTube algorithm.

YouTube Said “Pay close attention to the first 15 seconds of every video — that’s when viewers are most likely to drop-off.”

If a user drop here and you’re ranking good on a video then your ranking will start falling.

Reason? Less Watch Time.

So Try to focus on your every video’s first 15 second.

Now, Move to next Chapter.

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