YouTube SEO: 7 Powerful Secrets [Works GREAT in 2019]

Chapter #2

Focus on Audience Retention

This part of the guide will tell you about the importance of your “FOCUS on Making YouTube videos“.

I mean why you should do that and how can you do that effectively.

Also this part comes right after selecting your target keywords.

Not to forget, Audience retention is one of the most important YouTube video ranking factor.

Even if you have to choose between “number of views on your video” & “audience retention”, go for the 2nd one as its way more important.

Now lets take a little deeper look into this term…

In terms of  SUD (Simply understandable definition), Audience Retention is how much (till how long) is a user watching your video? And whats more important, you should keep an eye on this factor.

If you know people are leaving your video at an early stage of its starting, it means they are watching something low quality, less interesting or of no value to them. And this is a signal for you to make some improvements in your video content.

According to YouTube Blog:

If viewers are watching more YouTube, it signals to us that they’re happier with the content they’ve found. It means that creators are attracting more engaged audiences.

In short, engaging video means high ranking.

Let people watch your video and make them spend more time on YouTube.

Before we move a step ahead in this chapter, let me tell you an interesting thing.

You can check audience retention in two different ways:

  1. Absolute Audience Retention
  2. Relative Audience Retention

Absolute Audience Retention

It shows the percentage of views for every moment in video.

Percentage of views at every moment of the video. Take a  look at this:

Absolute Audience Retention

If your video is not what your viewers are looking for, they’ll probably drop within first 15 seconds. So pay very close attention till this moment.

Once again its your turn to improve your video for better results.

Relative audience retention

It is the ability of your video to keep viewers watching compared to other videos that have the same length.

Let me simplify above definition:

If people are watching your video for longer duration, as compared to other videos of the same length, it means your video has high “relative audience retention”

Looking at the graph, if it shows over 50% relative audience retention, your video is doing better.

Above info was pretty interesting i must say, but the real thing is how to get better at audience retention?

Let’s talk about some valid practices that can be helpful.

#1. Tease Your Viewers

Just like teaser of a movie, which is usually shorter than the trailer, you need to tease your viewers and eventually make them stay longer on your video.

For example:

Let’s say you are working on a video about weight loss.

For better engagement you can say something in starting like, “I’m going to reveal a shocking tip about weight loss later on”.  That might not sound promising, but surprisingly it still works.

Your viewers will be curious to discover what exactly the tip can be!

Let me show you a few more examples of “video teasing”

Can you think for a while about news channels and programs? They use this strategy a lot.

Also in TV series, if you’ve observed deeply, the ending of almost every episode is a great teaser.

And what do you think about..

“coming soon”, “after the ad”, “in next episode”

I mean there is too much teasing due to which we don’t ever think about missing any moment of different videos.

Have you started thinking about your upcoming video teasers?

You’ve clearly understood the concept if your answer is “Yes” to the above question. If “No”, then I must ask you to start right now!

By the way, Not totally right now! First completely read this post as I am going to share a lot more practical stuff about video ranking methods which will simply upgrade you current YouTube SEO level.

Let’s learn the next pick.

#2. Get To The Point

I wont be wrong if i’ll say that more than 80% of your viewers are like always in a hurry. You’ll lose them if you are making boring content loops.

People now a day’s cant be attentive for longer duration. So it’s on you to make them watch your video by getting to the point on the right moment.

Practically you can do it with a valuable starting and telling your viewers what exactly they will get from your video content in early seconds.

Another TIP you can put into practice, try assuming as if your every viewer is coming to watch your video for the first time in their lives. That kind of mindset will make you think more about high retention.

Must share your view if you’re already getting to the point quickly in your videos.

Let’s move on to know further…

#3. Keep Your Content Focused

“Focused on a point” simply explains this point.

Let’s say you’re working on one niche and targeting video topics out of your scope, you won’t get any considerable engagement.

So when you are starting new or doesn’t have that much channel authority, make sure to stay focused on your niche relevant topics.

#4. Comparing Your Audience Retention

Can you figure out how “comparing audience retention” can give you better results?


Let’s say on an average, your video retention is 37% but for one particular video it is 73%.

You should take a deep look at that video to find out “how that video has better engagement as compared to other videos?”

May be it’s shorter than other videos. Whatever your observations might be, must analyze them and implement on other videos.

You’ll see serious improvement.

Here is how you can check and then compare audience retention.

Absolute Audience Retention

One think to keep in mind here is, don’t cross compare your video retention. I mean comparing video retention of weight loss niche with entertainment game-play videos isn’t a good idea.

#5. Screen Changing

This is extremely simple and useful method to increase engagement. I mean the only work to do here is to plan screen transitions while making videos.

Be it an animation video or a mobile review, if people have to look at one screen all the time they will not like it.

Change the screen and you’ll see improvement.

For example, if you are explaining something in your video, you can backup your explanation with relevant scene or animated display etc.

Remember! just don’t overdo the thing and you’ll be good to go.

#6. Try To Make Short Videos

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of this point as well.

Even if you’ve not created any video before, you can tell that shorter videos are more engaging as compared to longer ones.

Once again i’ll say that viewers are always in a hurry and they’ll take no time to go away from your video if it gets boring.

Moving up to the ladder, once you’ve built authority and made some real fans, you can start making longer videos even. But make sure not to lose the interest of your audience.

Looking at the short videos practically, if a viewer watches one of your videos completely he will probably click another of your videos.

It mean high retention.

And there is one more thing, shorter videos means less effort required to make even.

#7. Link To A Playlist

Another way to make viewers keep watching your videos, link to a playlist.

If a video ends, next one in line should start playing. You’ve not done this yet then do it now.

The more they will watch your video’s the better will be your session watch time.

Which will clearly improve your video ranking.

#8. Thumbnail, title and introduction

Thumbnail is normally the first impression of your video. Make it as much cool as you can.

It should be “click persuasive”

Up next the title of your video should strongly back up your thumbnail. A sexy combo of these two things can make viewers not to go away without click on your video at the very first moment.

Apart from being attractive, introduction of your video should tell the viewers what exactly is in it.

Let’s head over to next chapter.

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