YouTube SEO: 7 Powerful Secrets [Works GREAT in 2019]

Chapter #6

Video Promotion

Well, YouTube SEO is incomplete without Video Promotion.

Do you really think writing a complete chapter about YouTube Video Promotion is a fare trade?

I mean is it really that important?

Yes it is equally important as any of other chapters of this perfect guide.

YouTube SEO is incomplete without it.

And i don’t want to say anything more in its favor.

Just consider it and plan your video promotions even before posting on YouTube.

One more thing as soon as you start promotions, it becomes a ranking signal for your videos.

Simple Like:

Video Promotion = Social Sharing = Higher Ranking

Okay now?

I hope you know a lot about how to do promotion.

But who cares, as i am still going to write each and everything in my way.

Here is how and where to promote:

1. Attack Facebook Pages & Groups

I don’t really mean to hack Facebook or anything like that.

You can promote your videos on Facebook.


If you are thinking about Facebook Pages & Groups, you are damn right.

Like if you’re publishing a video on Subway Surfer Game, then you can search for Subway Surfer’s pages and groups.


Its soo simple!

Just look at the picture below:


You can promote your video by commenting on the page.

FB Page

Pro Tip: Use Attractive Taglines and Thumbnail for better CTR and Good Traffic.

Same method stands applicable for Facebook Groups even.


You can post your video links in Groups.

But make sure to avoid spamming at any cost!

Up  next is Reddit…

2. Reddit Gives You Premium Viewers

This is something HUGE…

Reddit is a social network, full of people from Premium Countries like USA.

Don’t tell me that you don’t know the value of traffic from US.

You just need to increase your Reddit Link Karma and then post your videos in Sub-Reddit.

Reddit Example

What is Sub-Reddit?

It is same like a Facebook Group.

You’ll get very good traffic from Reddit. One of my all time favorite social websites.

3. Google+ Gives a traffic boost

Oh Yeah! Google+ is very good source to get traffic.

You need to find related Google Plus Communities and post your video link but again taking serious care to avoid spamming.


Well, you can use Twitter too. But I don’t use twitter that much so let me know if you’ve had a good experience with that as well.

TIP: Try to keep your video attractive as much as possible depending upon your topic. You can do research to develop informative videos with good amount of curiosity and that will surely increase user engagement level of your videos.

In other words.

Success of video promotion is directly proportional to its engagement and attractiveness.

Now lets move to somewhat YouTube Off Page SEO.

Chapter #7


Lets get to link building of our videos just like we do off page SEO of our web page.

That’s why I often call it “YouTube Off Page SEO”.

And how you can build links for your videos?

Once again it is something like you already know how to do, but not doing it yet.

Yes…! You’d agree if i say “We often know a lot, but don’t try much.” I can bet, you can learn a lot by trying different things you know.

Anyway, here is the deal:

1. Web 2.0 Video Embedding

I’ve tested this method on my videos.

And It really works well.

You just need to create a web 2.0, then do a post and embed your video there.

Isn’t it a butter’s bite.

Example? Ah Yeah! Here it is:

But why this works?

Because Embedding YouTube Video is one of the most important ranking factor in YouTube algorithm.

2. Forum Commenting

Just like we use to do Blog Commenting for SEO, we can do forum commenting to rank our YouTube Videos.

Simply reach out some relevant forums and then search for your topical threads.

After that leave a normal comment there with your YouTube video embed.

Here is a perfect example.

3. Video Embeds By Outreach

I don’t know why i feel like you haven’t tried this method yet as well.


Because it’s about reaching out video embed-ders.

But first let me tell you “Who are Video Embed-ders?”

These are the people who have published content related to your video, on their websites.

This is the best way to get contextual video embedded links.

But how can you do this?

Here is the deal.

If you can remind, in Chapter #2 I showed you a video of Arvind Rana. Which is about Google Assistant.

You just need to search for articles related to Google Assistant.


You can use these queries:

intitle:”Google Assistant”and

inurl:”Google Assistant”

This query will show you all the posts which are on “Google Assistant”.

Just open the site, get their contact details and send them a mail.

Want my E-Mail template which I used?

Hello [Author Name],

How you doing buddy? I just read your Article [Article Title].

And it is more than Awesome.

But I think there should be a little more to make it outstanding.…

What can be better than a YouTube Video!

Well, I just wanna share that I’ve made a Video on same topic.

And i’d feel great if you wanna embed it in your post.

Here is the link: [Video Link]

Feel free to ping me anytime.

With Kind Regards:
[Your Name]

4. Quora Solves the Problems

Having trouble with anything?

You can give a quick try to Quora, and the community will get back to you with the best answer to your question most of the time.

If you don’t have any idea, Quora is a question & answers related social community.

But how this can be useful for your videos?

If you are developing videos with answer to some very important questions, which might be a trend on Quora as well.

It can be used for ranking as well as for traffic.

You can embed your videos on Quora.

You just need to search for your Video Relevant Topics on that platform.

Find some questions and answer them with an embedded video.

Here is the perfect example:


You know why I’ve mentioned this?

Google Knowledge Graphs show the direct answers of questions.

Any I’ve seen many knowledge graphs of Quora and also seen the videos which have been embedded with answers.

Think it’s too much for you to rank any video in YouTube.

Now don’t tell me you’ve applied all these things and still waiting for ranking.

Because i am sure, if you’ll work hard you’ll surely be successful.

Let’s wrap it up now.

Wrapping It Up

That was a compact share about YouTube SEO by team BlogRex.

Hope you’ve improved your knowledge.

Even if you already knew all these things:

Must share your feedback about how you doing with your YouTube SEO Campaigns.

Feel free to ask anything.

And at the end if you consider this guide helpful, Do give us a happy share.

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