YouTube SEO: 7 Powerful Secrets [Works GREAT in 2019]

Chapter #4

YouTube SEO Optimization

Just in case, you couldn’t get it from the title, this part of the guide is about making your video technically optimized for YouTube.

This is so much important that if you ignore, it can be red alert for ranking of your videos.

One more thing, you don’t have to be a geek or extremely technical to perform this optimization. By the end of this chapter, you’ll be able to optimize your videos against specific keywords.

As a result it will be ranking higher for targeted audience.

I’m going to explain it all in easy steps.

#1. Video Title

Do you think it is as simple as i say, place your keyword in your video’s title.

End of discussion, Right?


There is more to it when we talk about actual optimization.

Adding a flavor of marketing in your title is what makes it super optimized. I’m going to share how exactly you can do that.

There will be numbered points.

    1. Why should you optimize your video’s title: It is one of the first impressions of your video. There is no doubt that your viewer will check it and then decide either to click and watch your video or not. Remember that “Thumbnail” is also the first impression of your video. WE’ll talk about it shortly.
    1. What should be inside the title: It should contain a clear and concise interpretation of your target keyword. Viewer should be able to find what’s inside the video by just reading the title. You can even use exact keyword in your title but make sure it should be user friendly. Avoid keyword stuffing.
  1. Keep your title attractive, relevant and on-topic for better CTR: Don’t ever go off-topic and make your title click friendly for better click through rate.


Let’s say your target keyword is “How to do SEO”, i can recommend below titles:

  • SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2019 | What Is SEO and How Does It Work?
  • SEO for Beginners: How to rank high in Google

#2. Video Thumbnail

Thumbnail is one of the most powerful factor for video optimization. Even a thumbnail doesn’t directly tells youtube to rank your video, but it surely forces your viewers to click on it and watch what’s inside.

I am it’s common sense if your viewer isn’t clicking on your video because of low quality or irrelevant thumbnail, what’s the point of optimizing it anyway. All of your efforts will be in vain.

So let’s see how to optimize a video’s thumbnail.

The points i have explained about video title are equally important for thumbnail.

I personally recommend to use custom designed thumbnail for your videos. You can even add your title text in it. That will increase CTR.

Remember that YouTube require a certain verification for using custom thumbnail.

#3. Video Description

Description of your video talks to YouTube and Google and tell em to rank it for your target keyword and its variations.

When we talk about on-page SEO of a website or blog, content is the most important thing which interacts with google’s ranking algorithm. It develops the very initial relevancy strings for your target keyword.

Same thing applies in case of description of your YouTube videos. Optimize it like you make an intro of your blog’s article.

Apart from that, it’s a place where you can get leads for your marketing campaigns.

Let me explain the practical aspects of writing a description which can give you best results in ranking as well as getting more sells.

  • Use your keyword in description: Simple and straightforward, use your keyword or the closest variation to briefly explain what’s inside the video. Next, use keywords within first two to three sentences. It weighs way more in ranking as compared to using keyword in the later part of your description.
  • Links to your blog/product or process: Link to your extremely relevant resource no matter its an affiliate product review or your web’s main page. The link isn’t limited to one and you can add other resources which are necessary to justify your video.

I mean when YouTubers say, check the link in description for my guide or whatever it is.

Caution: Don’t try to go off track with these links.

  • Make it at least 200 words full of engagement: Video description place is where your viewers will get to your money site or product page.

So apart from optimizing your description for search engine, pay close attention to make it engaging.

Just like a healthy blog post, write in small paragraphs and use bullets and numbering where suitable. There is no lower end limit but still try to write more than 200 words.

#4. Video Tags

Tags are equal to the context of the video. If you put right tags in place for your video, it can do wonders.

This is probably the last part in on-page YouTube SEO.

Another interesting fact about the number of views on your videos is that, most of the views are due to your video placed in suggested videos at the right side when any other video is playing.

And tags are one of the major transporters to show your video in the suggested column when something related to your niche is already playing.

Now let’s see what tags to use for your video:

What Video Tags: Tag your videos with relevant words and keyword which are not more than three words in length.

Collect a bunch of such words which can collectively describe your video in terms of the meaning of user’s query.

Select 8 to 10 from the list which must be very closely related to describe the intentions of your video content.

Let’s now make your channel a brand.

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